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SubjectRe: pci_alloc_consistent from interrupt == BAD

On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Dan Malek wrote:

> Troy Benjegerdes wrote:
> > Somehow the docs in DMA-mappings.txt say pci_alloc_consistent is allowed from
> > interrupt, but this is a "bad thing" on at least arm and PPC non-cache
> > coherent cpus.
> This isn't unique to PowerPC or ARM, and has nothing to do with allocating
> page tables.
> I don't understand how pci_alloc_consistent could ever be claimed to work
> from an interrupt function because it actually allocates pages of memory
> for all architectures. Anytime you call alloc_pages() (or friends) you could
> potentially block or return an error (out of memory) condition.
> Either option is undesirable for an interrupt function. If your software can
> handle the case of not being able to allocate memory, then why not remove the
> complexity and do it that way all of the time?

I donnot see your point. Any software that tries to allocate from
interrupt context must be ready to handle failure, but when the allocation
does not require more than a single page, the failure should not happen
very often.

Not allocating under interrupt requires to pool everything that may be
ever needed. Speaking about Linux SCSI, you can:

1) Allocate all data structures at initialisation.
A driver that can support 1022 IOs per HBA for example with 2K CCB
will allocate 2 MB even if user just uses a single CD/ROM without tagged
commands supported.

2) Resize the CCB pool on select_queue_depth() call.
This will allocate far less memory when only few devices will be
attached to the BUS.

No need to say that 'sym' will never implement #1. At most I may add this
inside some #ifdef/#endif pair.

For example, on my personnal machine #1 scenario will allocate 8 MB but
actual need will be about 1 MB.

For now, I am not sure about #2 being cleanly implementable, but it looks
smarter to me. Note that I would prefer to also be able to free CCBs that
are no more needed. This will require a driver entry to be called when a
device goes away.


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