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    SubjectMemory doesn't free up

    I am using Linux 2.4.13 on a HP Server with 8 x PIII XEON 700 MHZ with 8GB

    I am facing problems with memory. The system seems to just chew up memory
    over a period of time and eventually
    I lose control of the box...and have to force a power recycle. This happens
    almost everyday.

    I am running Oracle 8i and weblogic 5.1.
    There are specific cronjobs that run every hour and when they are running
    the system starts using up all the physical RAM
    and doesnt free up even after the jobs complete. I have 2 Machines with
    similar configs and both behave the same.

    Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated. Is there a way I can force my
    machine to free up memory at given intervals
    so that I can run a stable system and dont have to reboot often.

    Anish Srivastava

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