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SubjectRe: BLKGETSIZE64 (bytes or sectors?) wrote, and he is right:

> Is the BLKGETSIZE64 ioctl supposed to return the size of the device in
> bytes (as the comment says, and is implemented in all places *except*
> blkpg.c), or in sectors (as is implemented in blkpg.c since 2.4.15)?

Yes, in bytes. blkpg.c has to be fixed.
Several people submitted patches. Sooner or later I suppose
this will be fixed.

Then Tim Pepper answered, and he is wrong:

Wouldn't it be better to do the following (against 2.4.17).

+ else {
+ if (hardsect_size[MAJOR(dev)][MINOR(dev)]) {
+ ullval *= hardsect_size[MAJOR(dev)][MINOR(dev)];
+ } else {
+ ullval *= 512;
+ }
return put_user(ullval, (u64 *)arg);
+ }

You see, the 512 here is 512, and has no relation to hardware
sector size. Multiplying with hardsect_size[][] is a bad bug.

Indeed, you can check this in fs/partitions/msdos.c, where
one reads
int sector_size = get_hardsect_size(to_kdev_t(bdev->bd_dev)) / 512;
offs = START_SECT(p)*sector_size;
size = NR_SECTS(p)*sector_size;

So, indeed, we have already multiplied by hardsect_size, struct gendisk
uses sectors of size 512, independent of the hardware, and we must not
again multiply by hardsect_size.

Unfortunately Matt Domsch replied:

> Yes, I agree.

but he meant: No!

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