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SubjectRe: CML2-2.1.3 is available
Date said:
> Please help me correct them.

No. I haven't the time or the inclination to audit the whole of the CML2
rule base to check for such things. Merge a version of CML2 that matches the
CML1 rules as closely as can be expressed in CML2, then submit the
'improvements' later as separate changes - change one thing at a time just
like everyone else does. Then I promise I'll look at the actual behavioural
changes for you as you submit them and Cc them to linux-kernel.

> The definition of "behavioral change" you're implying here is so
> narrow that if I interpreted the "agreement" that way", CML2 could do
> nothing worthwhile.

Utter crap. CML2 makes them possible, and is a step in the right direction.
I'm not suggesting that you never make these changes - just that you do them
separately from the change in mechanism.

Go read what our Lord and Master said about why he likes Al Viro's patches.
Repeatedly, if needs be.


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