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SubjectRe: Andre Hedrick's IDE patch saved my life
On 12 Jan 2002 at 22:40, Pascal Haakmat wrote:

> Well, that's perhaps not entirely true, but they did solve the mysterious
> and funny, and not so funny, problems that I was having with Oopses and
> filesystem corruption (kernel 2.4.16, 2xPIII/600MHz, PIIX4, XFS).
> Is there any reason at all why these patches are not part of the stock
> kernel? I mean the kernel just lost a disk of mine: is there any reason
> worth a disk of lost data?

Well, I've heard good things about the driver, but on one of my machines it
fails to boot _if_ the Maxtor 34098H4 (40 G) drive is connected using an 80
wire cable to an htp366 controller. If I use a 40 wire cable, it runs just

I have been through six 80 wire cables, just in case they were the problem.
However, the controller, drive and any of the 80 wire cables work just fine
on several other machines!

I do notice that the machine gets further into the boot than it used to.
Previously it would stall when mounting / with a error about 'waiting for
interrupt', I believe. Now mounts / but fails claiming a file that is being
loaded is corrupt. Swap the cables, and it is able to read the previously
'corrupted' file!

I suspect that the issue is that the machine is quite old, an HP dual
Pentium 200 (hp xu5/120, upgraded). It's memory speed is only about 25 MB/s,
which is slower than udma4! :)

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