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SubjectRe: Penelope builds a kernel
Thus spake Eric S. Raymond (
> Scenario #3: Penelope goes where the geeks are surfing.

Why are you posting all this crap to linux-kernel?

[58 lines that say "I want ./configure for the kernel" deleted]
Ever put a recent SuSE or RedHat CD in your computer?

Eric, there are hundreds of perfectly fine Linux problems you could
solve. Distributions will ship with generic kernels and lots of
modules. You are not supposed to patch the kernel unless you have some
minimal expertise. Requiring users to use Python will not help the
situation at all. Pardon the French, but don't you have any real
problems to solve?

You know, the kind of problem where solving it would actually help a few
people? Almost no standard user like Aunt Tilly or Penelope has a
reason to compile a kernel, ever. Rule 1 of computing: optimize the
_common_ case. This case is not common.


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