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SubjectRe: Removing the whitespaces??? [Was: Re: Why not "attach" patches?]
On Jan 16, 2002  00:11 +0000, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
> Andreas Dilger <> writes:
> >Well, it would be a feature if it knew enough to only remove whitespace
> >at the end of "+" lines in context diffs. Then we wouldn't have 200kB
> >of useless whitespace in the kernel sources.
> (This is a TAB and a space in the square brackets above.
> Don't use \s. Trust me.)
> linux-2.2.20.tar.bz2: 15,751,285 bytes
> linux-2.2.20-nbl.tar.bz2: 15,608,085 bytes
> Patch Size (uncompressed): 17,815,166 bytes (yes this _is_ 17,4 MBytes)
> (compressed, bzip2): 3,322,456 bytes
> One mega-patch to shear off about 140 KBytes from the compressed (and
> about 170 k from the unpacked (94488 vs. 94316 KBytes ) kernel source
> would (while it may be the biggest single "reduce-size-of-kernel-tree
> patch" in years :-) ) a little gross.

Oh, I'm not advocating sending in a huge patch _just_ to remove the
useless whitespace (which includes trailing spaces/tabs and [space][tab]
combinations), but it would be nice if someone is setting up a patchbot
to remove such whitespace in new or modified lines in a patch.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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