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SubjectRe: Memory problem with bttv driver
> >Making it bigger reduces that amount of ram directly mapped by the kernel 
> >which hits performance (nastily for 2.4 not so bad for 2.5)
> (Sorry for joning so late to the thread...)
> It is wokring fine for me, under 2.4.18-pre3 + NVidia. The difference is
> that I am using version 0.7.87 (see
> I have just checked the bttv page ( and there is
> a newer version (0.7.88). What comes in .17 is 0.7.83. I have not
> noticed anything relevant in changelog, but you can try...

MM wise it shouldn't make a difference whenever you are using 0.7.83 or
0.7.88 (I've mailed 0.7.88 patches to macelo for 2.4.18 btw). The 0.8.x
versions have a complete different way to do the memory management.


#define ENOCLUE 125 /* userland programmer induced race condition */
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