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SubjectAutoconfiguration: Original design scenario

There are a lot of noise about autoconfiguration.
And the scenarios of ESR are not my original scenarios,
for which I worked autoconfigurator for nearly 1.5 years.

A lot of people already compiles the kernel.
(Why? Maybe ESR or other people haw sudied this, but
I don't know the answer)
proof: using the facts:
- there are a lot of mirrors.
- posting in the user lists

The people will ocmpile the kernel without the
distribution's configuration, removing not needed
(I don't have a proof, but the people that use .config
from distribution, normally use also the updated kernel
source package in the distribution.)

Finding card -> configuration is not easy.
You buy a network card (ethernet), which is the correct
driver? And the usb photo machine? The sound card?
Some info are in, but you should parse
20/50 entries before maybe to find your card name.

I designed autoconfigure to help these people.
So (at the beggining) a not complete detection,
but used to help the people that ALREADY normally
compile the kernel.

[ In Alan diary, I found that he tried some drivers
before to find the driver for Telsa new tape.
Autoconfigure will help also hackers.
Hmm. Was the card ISA? so forget the above example

So do you think autoconfigure can be usefull for people?

After adding a lot of detection and configuration in my
database I found that in a modern machine, autoconfigure
can build a complete and working configuration.

ESR read me autoconfiguration in this late stage, so
he thinks about the 'single button' step for some
aunts, students...

In summary: the autoconfigure is already usefull (IMHO)
for a lot of people.

The other ESR scenarios are 'add-on' without extra working.
They can be usefull, we can make it, but we should see if
distributions/users like the 'one key configuration and
building kernel'. Reading some *-users lists and doing
some support in IRC, I think think people wuould like
to use it.

Anyway these 'add-on' are nearly off-topic to lkml


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