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SubjectRe: ide.

I have just made ide. patch:

o backport from ide. pdc202xx.c - ver 0.30
- no 48-bit lba - this requires changes in other files:
ide-disk.c, ide.c, ide.h, ... Maybe in future...
o fix missing DEVID_MR_IDE definition in ide-pci.c for VIA_82C576_1
o add PROMISE_20268R, PROMISE_20269, PROMISE_20275 in ide-pci.c
o add CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE option into, ide-pci.c

BTW: why the pdc202xx.c file still has "Version 0.30 Mar. 18, 2000"?
It has been changed since that time! :)

After all this changes, pdc202xx.c driver still works for my PDC20265 :)
So, if there is no problem with ide. my patch should also
works, maybe even for 20268R, 20269 and 20275 chipsets. ;-)

Best regards,

Krzysztof Oledzki

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