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SubjectRe: Unable to compile 2.4.14 on alpha
> > just out of curiosity, I have this dac960 controller with alpha 2.70
> > firmware. I know it says it needs 2.73, but the latest for alpha is 2.70.
> > Any ideas if it'll work or not?
> Nope , The linux DAC960 driver needs 3.51-0-04 for dual flash .
> Or 2.73-0-00 for single flash . And beleive me Leonard means what
> he put in the README.DAC960 file .

I just tried it on my alpha (modifying the source to accept 2.70) and it
appears to work. atleast I can make a partition, mke2fs it and put files on
it. I keep getting ecc uncorrectable errors (retryable) frequently. No,
this isn't DAC's fault because it happens even if I don't load the module.
I'm assuming it's either 2.4.17 (I doubt it) or the fact I compiled it with
gcc 3.0.3 gcc 2.95.4 wouldn't compile dac960.c

> 2.73 usability is new to me as when one of these dropped into my
> hands all the driver supported was the Dual 3.51... firmware .
> Using either of the above will work on Linux , BUT not alpha
> vms/osf/nt .
> The cost for the items from Mylex isn't reasonable imo . But if
> you want it & have a flash burner , Get two just like on the card
> now & download the firmware & burn it . Don't get the XDBA
> version as IIRC the alpha boards don't support it . But do check
> if MB you have does . Might get lucky .

I think I did. Now if the ecc errors would go away, I'd be happy. The
machine's crashed many times on my already.

Any ideas on compiling the DAC960 module w/o using gcc 3.0

> > If I loose the contents of everything on this sytem, fine, I have another
> > disk with the system on it so I won't loose anything. =)
> > Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals
> And other living things !-) Hth , JimL
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Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals
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