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SubjectRe: Autoconfiguration: Original design scenario
Greg KH <>:
> > Giacomo will probably answer definitively, but I believe he is already
> > generating all of the PCI, PNP, and module probes by script. We're
> > planning to ship the probe table generator with a future CML2 version.
> Why not just have the probe table automatically generated against the
> current kernel? That way you don't have to release a new version of the
> autoconfigure program for _every_ kernel version (including the -pre
> versions.)

Mainly because there is a certain amount of hand-hacking involved in
turning the raw output of the probe table generator into a usable
probe table.

Giacomo is trying to cut down on this and may eliminate it altogether.
If he doesn't, I'll take a swing at it myself.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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