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SubjectRe: CML2-2.1.3 is available
> The interactive configurators remain stable; no bugs of any kind have been 
> reported since 6 Jan. I'm waiting on an update of the probe tables from
> Giacomo Catenazzi before releasing 2.2.0.

I tried CML2 (2.1.2) yesterday with Linux 2.4.17 and found that I couldn't turn
on suppression ('S' didn't seem to toggle, only disable suppression, which was
already off) and entering into a submenu marked FROZEN locked up the

It seems the second issue is related to the first; if I move off of the "Inter
or Processor type (FROZEN)" selection, I'm not allowed to go back and select it.
However, when just starting, it is the default selection.

If I then press 'S' I get the "Suppression turned off" message, but still cannot
move the selection back onto "Intel or Processor type (FROZEN)". CTRL-C gets me
back to a prompt, no other keys initiated a response.

I'm using Python 2.0.1 with Slackware 8.

Ross Vandegrift
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