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SubjectRe: initramfs buffer spec -- second draft
Daniel Phillips wrote:

> Encoding the numeric fields in ASCII/hex is a goofy wart on an otherwise nice
> design. What is the compelling reason? Bytesex isn't it: we should just
> pick one or the other and stick with it as we do in Ext2.
> Why don't we fix cpio to write a consistent bytesex?

Because we want to use existing tools. It's a wart, but not compelling
enough of one to rewrite the tools from scratch. (I would also change
the EOA marker from "TRAILER!!!" to "" since a null filename would not
interfere with the namespace.)

I don't think think this application alone is enough to add Yet Another
Version of CPIO. However, if there are more compelling reasons to do so
for CPIO backup reasons itself I guess we could write it up and add it
to GNU cpio as "linux" format...


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