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SubjectRe: [RFC] klibc requirements
On 15 Jan 2002, Doug McNaught wrote:

> > as an example (not for the boot process, but an example of a replacement
> > libc use) I use the firewall toolkit, it has been around for a _loooong_
> > time (in software terms anyway) and has a firly odd licence (free for you
> > to use, source available, cannot sell it) which is not compatable with the
> > GPL. with glibc staticly linked this makes huge binaries, with libc5 they
> > were a lot smaller. I would like to try to use this small libc for these
> > proxies, but if the library is GPL, not LGPL I'm not allowed to.
> Hmm, I think you can; you just can't redistribute it. Can you even
> redistribute fwtk on non-commercial terms?
nope, only allowed to get it from nai (and they sure don't make it easy to
find on their website)

David Lang

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