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SubjectIDE-TAPE : having problem with atapi tape backup

I know this question has been asked several times but I could not find an answer

I hav a Seagate Travan 20GB Atapi IDE tape, installed on a 2.2.16-22 Linux
(Redhat 6.2 version)
I had no problem accessing my backup as /dev/ht0, but since a little time (I
guess since the archive has got a certain minimum size), error messages showed
up on the console like :

ide-tape : ht0 : I/O error , pc = 10 , key = 0 , asc = 0 , ascq = 2
couldn't write a filemark

I had some problems with files and wanted to get them back from archive, and I
cannot access to them, because I get error

[root@ulysse backup]# ./
Level-0 Backup Fri Jan 11 01:10:00 CET 2002
Lecture de `Level-0 Backup Fri Jan 11 01:10:00 CET 2002'
tar: Fin prématurée (EOF) rencontrée dans l'archive.
tar: Erreur non récupérable: fin de l'exécution immédiate
[root@ulysse backup]#

telling me i had a EOF too early in the file...

what can i do?
Is it ide-tape that has problem?


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Managing Director | Phone : +32 65 321573
IT-OPTICS s.a | Fax : +32 65 321574

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