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SubjectRe: highmem=system killer, 2.2.17=performance killer ?
On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 17:42:36 +0100
Klaus Meyer <> wrote:

> As I just took a look on the output of cat /proc/meminfo i got the idea
> that i'll increase the pysical swap space. (136M before that means >
> highmem).
> astonishing (using Suse kernel 2.4.16): after an increase to 2GB swap
> and
> using 1,5GB of mem the system runs quit a longer time with a good
> performance,
> but starting the copy process leads also to a slow down of the machine.
> Finally i could see that kupdated is suffering.

I was already tempted to suggest you turn off swap completely, as 136 MB in a 2
GB box are somehow useless anyways. I know, I have the same setup (256MB swap).
As this could work without boot, willing to give it a try? Anyway I would very
much suggest to use -pre3.


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