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SubjectRe: Aunt Tillie builds a kernel (was Re: ISA hardware discovery --the elegant solution)

Marco Colombo wrote:

>>The main discussion was in kbuild-devel list.
> Uh, my mailbox hurts just at the thought of even more posting on the suject.

In kbuild: less people, less traffic, more discussion, less flames

> Kernel tarballs are for hackers. Marcelo can't test any configuration
> the autoconfigurator can produce. So basically it means an untested
> kernel. Running untested kernel isn't a job for Joe User, and never
> will be.

Also what are the stable series?

But you think your distribution test the kernel in all possible
use? With all possible hardware configuration?
Autoconfiguration will configure a compile and booting kernel.
(but on old machine). Neither vendor can assure you that the kernel
will work for a particolar permutation of hardware, and mainly
it is indipendent from configuration.

> Vendors and kernel developers have different goals. That horrible hack
> that fixes some bug or misbehavior fits fine into a vendor kernel, and
> has no place in Marcelo's tree; the same for that C++ written, cross OS
> crap driver for hardware XYZ. Users want it, vendors provide it.
> Different goals, different targets.

Change distribution. In Debian/unstable developers and distribution are
hardly linked!
Why do you need someone in the 'layer' between developers
and user?

> Autoconfiguration is nice. But please move the topic elsewhere.

Right. Let stop it


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