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    SubjectRe: [2.4.17/18pre] VM and swap - it's really unusable
    Daniel Phillips wrote:

    >On January 13, 2002 08:35 pm, J Sloan wrote:
    >>The problem here is that when people report
    >>that the low latency patch works better for them
    >>than the preempt patch, they aren't talking about
    >>bebnchmarking the time to compile a kernel, they
    >>are talking about interactive feel and smoothness.
    >Nobody is claiming the low latency patch works better than
    >-preempt+lock_break, only that low latency can equal -preempt+lock_break,
    >which is a claim I'm skeptical of, but oh well.
    AFAICT Alan Cox et al are saying that low-latency
    gives better latency than -preempt, but that if lock-break
    is added to -preempt, the results are basically the same.

    IOW lock-break + preempt =~ low-latency as far as the
    latency question is concerned.

    >>I've no agenda other than wanting to see linux
    >>as an attractive option for the multimedia and
    >>gaming crowds - and in my experience, the low
    >>latency patches simply give a much smoother
    >>feel and a more pleasant experience. Kernel
    >>compilation time is the farthest thing from my
    >>mind when e.g. playing Q3A!
    >You need to read the thread *way* more closely ;-)
    Admittedly my observations have been more from
    an "end-user" point of view, because at the end
    of the day, what I experience while using Linux as
    a multimedia/gaming platform is worth more than a
    barrel of benchmarks - and while kernel compilation
    time is of interest, it is just _one_ benchmark in the
    greater scheme of things. (not to mention that that
    benchmark result could probably be matched in a
    non -preempt kernel via /proc tuning)

    >>I'd be happy to check out the preempt patch
    >>again and see if anything's changed, if the
    >>problem of tux+preempt oopsing has been
    >>dealt with -
    >Right, useful.
    See my previous reply, or the archives -



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