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Ok, lots of various changes between 2.5.1->2, mainly in bio, kdev_t and
scheduler (and several USB updates).



- Matt Domsch: combine common crc32 library
- Pete Zaitcev: ymfpci update
- Davide Libenzi: scheduler improvements
- Al Viro: almost there: "struct block_device *" everywhere
- Richard Gooch: devfs cpqarray update, race fix
- Rusty Russell: PATH_MAX should include the final '\0' count
- David Miller: various random updates (mainly net and sparc)

- Davide Libenzi, Ingo Molnar: scheduler updates
- Greg KH: USB update
- Jean Tourrilhes: IrDA and wireless updates
- Jens Axboe: bio/block updates

- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
- Al Viro: start moving buffer cache indexing to "struct block_device *"
- Greg KH: USB update
- Russell King: fix up some ARM merge issues
- Ingo Molnar: scalable scheduler

- Russell King: large ARM update
- Adam Richter et al: more kdev_t updates

- Greg KH: USB updates
- various: kdev_t updates
- Al Viro: more bread()/filesystem cleanups

- Jeff Garzik: fix up loop and md for struct kdev_t typechecking
- Jeff Garzik: improved old-tulip network driver
- Arnaldo: more scsi driver bio updates
- Kai Germaschewski: ISDN updates
- various: kdev_t updates

- Davide Libenzi: nicer timeslices for scheduler
- Arnaldo: wd7000 scsi driver cleanups and bio update
- Greg KH: USB update (including initial 2.0 support)
- me: strict typechecking on "kdev_t"

- Dave Jones: more merging, fix up last merge..
- release to sync with Dave

- Jens Axboe: more bio updates, fix some request list bogosity under load
- Al Viro: export seq_xxx functions
- Manfred Spraul: include file cleanups, pc110pad compile fix
- David Woodhouse: fix JFFS2 write error handling
- Dave Jones: start merging up with 2.4.x patches
- Manfred Spraul: coredump fixes, FS event counter cleanups
- me: fix SCSI CD-ROM sectorsize BIO breakage

- Christoph Hellwig: scsi_register_module cleanup
- Mikael Pettersson: apic.c LVTERR fixes
- Russell King: ARM update (including bio update for icside)
- Jens Axboe: more bio updates
- Al Viro: make ready to switch bread away from kdev_t..
- Davide Libenzi: scheduler cleanups
- Anders Gustafsson: LVM fixes for bio
- Richard Gooch: devfs update

- Al Viro: task-private namespaces, more cleanups

- me: revert the "kill(-1..)" change. POSIX isn't that clear on the
issue anyway, and the new behaviour breaks things.
- Jens Axboe: more bio updates
- Al Viro: rd_load cleanups. hpfs mount fix, mount cleanups
- Ingo Molnar: more raid updates
- Jakub Jelinek: fix Linux/x86 confusion about arg passing of "save_v86_state" and "do_signal"
- Trond Myklebust: fix NFS client race conditions

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