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SubjectRe: Penelope builds a kernel
* Eric S. Raymond ( wrote:
> Scenario #3: Penelope goes where the geeks are surfing.
> If Penelope learns from the README file that all *she* has to do is
> type "configure; make" to build a kernel that supports her hardware,
> she can apply that MEMS card patch and build with confidence that the
> effort is unlikely to turn into an infinite time sink.
> Autoconfigure saves the day again. That guy in the penguin T-shirt
> might even be impressed...

$ apt-cache search kernel-patch | wc -l

And I guarantee that if Penelope calls up her vendor, she can get
someone to provide her a guaranteed-compatible and *tested* driver that
can be managed by her package manager for less than the price of the
pack of twelve she'll be using with the dude in the penguin t-shirt.

Please try to understand the entire _point_ of distributions and get a
grasp of how vendors work with the kernel, and stop waxing lyrical about
contrived situations.

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/V\ | Tom Gilbert, London, England | |
/( )\ | Open Source/UNIX consultant | |
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