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SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?
On Monday 14 January 2002 02:09 pm, Alexander Viro wrote:

> But it still leaves you with tristate - instead of yes/module/no it's
> yes/yes, but don't put it on initramfs/no. However, dependencies become
> simpler - all you need is "I want this, that and that on initramfs" and
> the rest can be found by depmod (i.e. configurator doesn't have to deal
> with "FOO goes on initramfs (== old Y), so BAR and BAZ must go there
> (== can't be M)").

This is something I've wondered about and would like to ask for clarification
on: the relationship between the initramfs image and the kernel, build

How much of the build process for the initramfs will be integrated with the
kernel build? Since the kernel won't boot without a matching initramfs, I
take it that some kind of initramfs will be a kernel build target now?

There's been a lot of talk about having the source for a mini-libc (uclibc,
dietlibc, some combo) in the kernel tree, and other people saying we should
just grab the binary for build purposes. The most obvious model I can think
of for klibc staying seperate from the kernel is the user-space
pcmcia/cardbus hotplug stuff, but that DID get integrated into the kernel.

The klibc source/binary debate still seems to be ongoing, but apart from
that, will the build process for initramfs be part of the kernel build or not?

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