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SubjectRe: [reiserfs-list] Boot failure: msdos pushes in front of reiserfs
On Mon, Jan 14, 2002 at 10:46:05PM +0300, Hans Reiser wrote:
> >Hmm, I could have sworn I submitted patches already which did both of these
> >things. In general, it is perfectly safe to zero the bootsector of a
> >partition when you mkfs it (mke2fs has been doing this for a long time).
> >If you mkfs your boot partition (and zap the bootblock) you would have to
> >run LILO on it anyways after they install a new kernel, because the
> >location of the kernel would change.
> Can the kernel be in a different partition from the boot partition? If
> so, it is not safe, yes?


OTOH, it seems sane to reinstall lilo anyway in such situations.

OTOH2, Parted only erases signatures, so it won't break LILO.
OTOH3, this requires parted knowing about different fs types
(which it does, to a large extent).


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