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SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?
Alan Cox <>:
> > how soon is [the end of hard-compiled drivers] supposed to
> > happen?
> Subject to availability. No contract implied or etc.. Its something to
> tackle after the rest of initramfs works.

Dang. This will make the CML2 inference engine work better in some
funky corner cases, too. And its behavior will be easier to
understand all around.

Sign me up. This will be a good change; I like it when I can make things
better by taking features *out* of my code.
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

Every Communist must grasp the truth, 'Political power grows out of
the barrel of a gun.'
-- Mao Tse-tung, 1938, inadvertently endorsing the Second Amendment.
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