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    SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?
    Alexander Viro <>:
    > But it still leaves you with tristate - instead of yes/module/no it's
    > yes/yes, but don't put it on initramfs/no. However, dependencies become
    > simpler - all you need is "I want this, that and that on initramfs" and
    > the rest can be found by depmod (i.e. configurator doesn't have to deal
    > with "FOO goes on initramfs (== old Y), so BAR and BAZ must go there
    > (== can't be M)").

    Actually I think we may no longer be in tristate-land. Instead, some
    devices have the property "This belongs in initramfs if it's configured
    at all" -- specifically, drivers for potential boot devices. Everything
    else can dynamic-load after boot time.

    In CML2 you can assign a symbol properties, which are written into
    trailing comments in the config file on the same line as the symbol
    value assignment. One such property, "PRIVATE", is already
    interpreted by the postprocessor that generates autoconf.h from the
    configuration output; it prevents the symbol from being written to

    The critical-for-boot property could be interpreted by the same
    postprocessor script and turned into a manifest for initramfs. There
    would be no need for the inference engine or configurator to know
    about this property at all, just as it doesn't need to know anything
    about PRIVATE.
    <a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a>

    "To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
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