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    SubjectRe: Hardwired drivers are going away?
    > 	a) on some architecures modular code is slower (IIRC, the problem is
    > with medium-range calls being faster than far ones and usable only in the
    > kernel proper). We probaly want to leave a gap after the .text and remap

    Also with TLB mapping sizes (4Mb versus 4K)

    > .text of module in there - if I understand the problem that should be
    > enough, but that's really a question to folks dealing with these ports (PPC64
    > and Itanic?)

    For x86 you just need to leave a nice chunk of physical memory that is there
    to copy the module text/data into as you insmod them during boot then give
    the rest of the pool back to the paging system. This also solves the problem
    with "can't be a module because I need 1Mb of linear space" drivers.

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