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SubjectRe: [2.4.17/18pre] VM and swap - it's really unusable
> > I don't doubt that, but would you seriously consider the ll patch 
> > inclusion into the main kernel?
> The mini ll patch definitely.

Can you point at anyone who experienced a significant benefit from it?
I can see a lot of interesting patches ahead if you let this go.
Tell me honestly that the idea behind this patch is not _crap_. You
can only make this basic idea work if you patch a tremendous lot of
those conditional_schedules() through the kernel. We already saw it
starting off in some graphics drivers, network drivers. Why not just
all of it? You will not be far away in the end from the 'round 4000 I
already stated in earlier post.
I do believe Roberts' preempt is a lot cleaner in its idea _how_ to
achieve basically the same goal. Although I am at least as sceptic as
you about a race-free implementation.

> The full ll one needs some head scratching to
> be sure its correct.

You may simply call it _counting_ (the files to patch).

> pre-empt is a 2.5 thing which in some ways is easier
> because it doesnt matter if it breaks something.

So I understand you agree somehow with me in the answer to "what idea
is really better?"...


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