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Subject[RFC][PATCH] Intelligible build process v0.02
Here's v0.02 for those intrepid testers who want to see what their build is 
actually doing rather than watching a wall of mostly uninteresting text
scroll by really fast.

With this script, you can actually spot the warnings.

The previous version got really confused by what "make dep" did in response
to kernel module versions being switched on (but only after a fresh untar, or
after running make mrproper). I've now taught it more about the evils of
make dep, so it's less confused, but I wouldn't call the cleaned up version
of the output pretty... (I'm not too worried: Kieth Owens' new build makes
make dep go away completely. I now know a lot more about why this is a good

Just throw the attached file in the scripts directory. The script to test
this still goes:

### Start of script

# "Entering directory" messages are just clutter in make dep

make dep | scripts/ e

# This is short enough we don't need to see progress

echo "Cleaning out old temporary files."
echo " "
make clean > /dev/null

# Okay, build.

make bzImage | scripts/
make modules | scripts/

# make install/modules install require root access, not handling this yet.

### End of script

And it still requires python 2, but you cml2 testers should have no trouble
with this. :)

I'm working on the curses frontend to replace the above script. (The
frontend is about half the point of the exercise, cleaning up text mode is
just a nice way to test it), but I've got paying work standing between me and
that for a bit, so it'll be a few more days... :)

Rob[unhandled content-type:application/x-python]
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