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SubjectIDE Patches bring amazing performance gain!!!
As a heads up, Andre Hedrick's (Andre sorry for the misspelling 
previously!) IDE patch improved the performance of my 7200rpm ATA100 IBM
IDE hd from 28Mb/s to 38Mb/s as measured by hdparm -t /dev/hda, which is
quite an improvement by anyones standards! Also hitting the disk with a lot
of io maintains low latency and my mp3s aren't dropping out and my X
session maintains interactivity. (-:

Considering I have seen many good reports and ZERO bad reports about the
IDE patches it is really astonishing that the patches are not being applied
to the 2.4.x kernel series... (especially as they were in the -ac series
previously already)

Best regards,


At 01:07 14/01/02, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
>Alan's -ac series is back! To celebrate this I added in the IDE patches
>and an NTFS update which dramatically reduces the number of vmalloc()s and
>have posted the resulting (tested) patch (to be applied on top of
>2.4.18pre3-ac1) at below URL.
>Linux 2.4.18pre3-ac1-aia1
>o IDE patch (taskfile, lba-48, ata133, etc) Andre Hedrick
>o Configure help entries for above Andre Hedrick, Rob
>o Small IDE cleanups (code beauty only) Pavel Machek, me
>o Reduce NTFS vmalloc() use (NTFS 1.1.22) me

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