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SubjectRe: why do i get kernel panic?
Nico Schottelius schrieb:
> Hello dear list!
> Can somebody help me to find out, why I get a kernel panic (init not
> found ) when I boot ?
> I can't understand why the kernel does not find init.
> The system I try to boot is brandnew-selfmade.
> I copied it via nfs to the hd. I ran lilo after I copied the files.
> The kernel and init resist on the second partition of the first scsi
> disc.
> The kernel includes scsi controller (aic7xxx) and disc support.
> I thought possibly the kernel tries to mount the wrong root, but there
> is
> just /dev/discs/disc0/part2 to mount, /dev/discs/disc0/part1 is swap and
> there
> are no more harddiscs.
> Passing init=/bin/sh results in the same message, although both files
> exist
> and have the x - bit set.
> Anyone any idea what's wrong ?
> Please cc: me if you answer, I am not subscribed to the list anymore.

just a guess:

linux root=/dev/sda2
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