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SubjectRe: buffer.c lock_kernel() -- removal

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Craig Christophel wrote:

> Included is a patch against buffer.c that removes the
> lock_kernel()/unlock_kernel() pairs in the few functions that they exist.
> This is for 2.5>2.5.2-pre10.
> I beleive that I checked all of the member functions for locking schematics
> but if you can prove me wrong -- go for it. The only issue I can see would

... and in the very first chunk we have

> - lock_kernel();
> sync_inodes_sb(sb);
> lock_super(sb);
> if (sb->s_dirt && sb->s_op && sb->s_op->write_super)
> sb->s_op->write_super(sb);
> unlock_super(sb);
> - unlock_kernel();

i.e. method that used to have BKL loses it. Unless you are willing to post
the results of audit for all filesystems - sorry, no go.

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