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Subjectopl3sa2 sound

I have a configured and sometimes working ISAPnP Yamaha OPL3SA2 sound card.
With 2.2.x kernels, it always worked, but with 2.4.x (all versions), it has
problems. I have this computer at home, and when I don't use it, I turn it
off, or reboot to Windows. Generally after a long period, when it is turned
off, it won't work. After reboots it does, but not everytime. I don't know
what the problem can be, it seems very random, and has a chance of about 10%.
When it's working, ad1848 module says:

ad1848: No ISAPnP cards found, trying standard ones...
opl3sa2: 1 PnP card(s) found.

And then I have sound. When not:

ad1848: Interrupt test failed (IRQ5)
opl3sa2: 1 PnP card(s) found.

But then I can't play sound. rmmod opl3sa2 ; modprobe opl3sa2 don't work,
only after a reboot do I get the sound card working. Do you have ideas?

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