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SubjectRe: PPP over socket?
Chris Dukes wrote :
> On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 10:13:57AM +0100, wrote:
> > I was wondering whether the socket architecture could be modified in order
> > to support PPP connections over a generic socket (of type SOCK_DGRAM or
> > SOCK_SEQPACKET), by mapping each PPP packet to a socket packet. This idea
> > is not completely new: somebody raised is in the past, see for example
> > or
> > .
> vtun already provides this capability in user space.
> (See
> ppp(8) on *BSD also provides this capability in user space as well.
> As memory serves PPPoE on Linux is partially implemented in userspace
> as is, so a partial user space solution for PPPoUDP shouldn't be that
> wretched.

And at the total opposite of the spectrum you have IrNET, as
it is implemented in kernekl 2.4.X, that pass PPP packets on an IrDA
socket in the kernel without going through the socket API. But that's
the solution only if you don't mind debugging kernel code...
BTW, I don't understand why the socket architecture would need
to be modified. You just need a user space or a kernel space wrapper.


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