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    SubjectRe: Regression testing of 2.4.x before release?
    On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:

    > On November 12, 2001 07:24 am, Dan Kegel wrote:
    > > At some point it might be nice to also use the STP to help speed gcc
    > > 3 development, too. (I personally am really looking forward to the
    > > day when I can use the same compiler for both c++ and kernel.)
    > You already can, at least I can because gcc3 builds recent kernels
    > just fine. IOW, it works for me. Conservatively, it's good to keep
    > the old compiler around (choose your poison) for those few apps that
    > don't build with gcc, but I feel quite comfortable at the moment
    > having gcc3 as my default.

    One particular application for which gcc 3.x *and* gcc 2.96.x are
    seriously deficient, at least on Intel/AMD 32-bit systems, is the
    high-performance linear algebra library Atlas. As a result, *my* default
    for compiling numerical applications is the Atlas-recommended one,
    2.95.3. For the kernel, I use whatever the Red Hat 7.2 default is.
    M. Edward Borasky

    The COUGAR Project

    I brought my inner child to "Take Your Child To Work Day."

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