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SubjectHard lock when mounting loopback file
I have a digital camera flash card that is locking up my machine (stock 
redhat 7.2 w/2.4.9-13 kernel).

I can mount the card, but as soon as I browse the filesystem, the
machine locks hard. I successfully copied the file system from the raw
device to a file and tried mounting it as:

mount -o loop flash.img /mnt/flash

and it still locks up the machine just as before. This makes me think
it has nothing to do with the USB reader or the SCSI emulation, etc.

My guess is I have a corrupt filesystem on the flash that the filesystem
handler (vfat) is intolerant of (all my other flash cards work fine).

This seems like a possible kernel bug to me. I'm not much of a kernel
expert but I have a copy of the offending image if anyone wants to or
can look at it. ( Is there someone
that knows how to figure out if the driver can spit out a harmless
message about filesystem corruption rather than taking the whole kernel

Kyle Bateman

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