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SubjectRe: initramfs programs (was [RFC] klibc requirements)
Matthew Kirkwood wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Jan 2002, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
>>The autoconfigurator is *not* mean to be run at boot time, or as root.
> Under normal circumstances.

???? Could you tell me about an 'anormal' circumstance that
need autoconfigurator at boot time ?

>>It is intended to be run by ordinary users, after system boot time.
>>This is so they can configure and experimentally build kernels without
>>incurring the "oops..." risks of going root.
> Then ship it in a separate package with initscripts. Either
> CML2 is well enough designed that the autoconfigurator will
> not need to change as the kernel does, or all your
> overengineering was for nought.

No problem. Autoconfigurator can live without important files.
I.e. no /proc/bus/{pci,usb}, autoconfigurator will ignore such
detections. (it would not say: no PCI cards, but unfortunatelly
it will find only few PCI cards (via /proc/{devices,misc}, if you
have luke)).

BTW: IMHO I can complete the detection, also with ISA cards,
before Eric will start including dmi.
How to handle a driver db with dmi strings and kernel configurations?
It seems to me to complex to try it. We need every possible machine
to extract data.


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