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Subject[RFC] [PATCH] Intelligible build progress
I got bored.  I wrote a toy.  It's an output filter you pipe a build into 
that actually explains what's going on. It cuts the output down enough that
you can actually see warnings (wow!), but not so much you don't know what
it's doing or have some kind of progress indicator.

It's evil, it's nasty, it's ugly, it's vicious. It currently requires python
2.x (because I intend to put a curses front end on it, that's why). But it
also seems to be working, so I'm releasing what I've got so far under the GPL
so people can flame me now and avoid the rush. :)

At the moment, you just copy "" onto your system (the "scripts"
directory makes sense) and then use it like this (cut and paste and you've
got a shell script):

### Start of script

# "Entering directory" messages are just clutter in make dep

make dep | scripts/ e

# This is short enough we don't need to see progress

echo "Cleaning out old temporary files."
echo " "
make clean > /dev/null

# Okay, build.

make bzImage | scripts/
make modules | scripts/

# make install/modules install require root access, not handling this yet.

### End of script

As I said, later I want to make it part of a curses front-end showing you
what directory you're currently in, what action is being taken, and with
stderr (warnings, etc) scrolling by in its own little box. Oh, and not
having to run make dep and make clean all the time would be nice too, but
that waits on Kieth Owens' new makefiles.

Yeah it's a big evil mess of heuristics. I know. And the above script will
still try to build modules if bzImage bombs with an error. And you've got to
ctrl-c twice to kill it...

I've tested it (if you can use that word) against 2.4.17, I don't know if
there's new stuff in 2.5 it can't deal with yet. (Shouldn't be, but...)

Here's the file.

You may cringe now.[unhandled content-type:application/x-python]
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