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SubjectRe: Athlon/K7-Opimisation problems
Nicholas Knight <> writes:

> On Sunday 09 September 2001 03:23 pm, J. Dow wrote:
> > From: "Nicholas Knight" <>

> > > Heat anyone? stepping 4 hasn't seemed to be the problem, at least not
> > > directly
> > > What's the tempature difference between your 1Ghz and 1.4Ghz? both
> > > CPU and system? What kind of cooling do you have?

I sold the 1GHz, so I can't tell anymore. I have a huge heatsink with
a Papst-fan. I have to admit that it was sold to me as being good
enough for 1.33GHz (by the manufacturer himself), but that shouldn't
be the problem, see below.

(If someone wants to know exactly: and look at
PDA38000BC, for a picture look at cooler1.htm SDA38000BC and pretend
you see the Papst-Fan on the top -- the pages seem to be outdated, the
invoice says the fan is good for a 1.33GHz Athlon).

> > What about the power supply. If it is at all marginal the power
> > consumption boost going to 1.4G is likely a killer.
> Well, he didn't mention the amperage outputs, but he said 431W Enermax,
> from what I hear Enermax PSU's are good.

Here's the data from the PSU's label:

Model: EG465P-VE
DC Output: +3.3V: 38A
+5V : 44A
+12V : 20A
-5V : 2A
-12V : 1A
+5Vsb: 2.2A
+3.3V & 5V : 220W max
total power : 431W

> Do most people that experience this problem also experience after a
> cold-boot where the system had been off for at least 10-15 minutes?

I just switched the machine off for about 10min, and for good measure,
jumpered the board to 100MHz FSB, so the CPU runs at 1050MHz (thus
being well below the spec for the heatsink). It may have gotten a tad
further in the boot process, but if so, not much. Luckily, it never
reaches the point where filesystems get mounted rw...

Without the optimisation the machine runs smoothly with steady
cpu-load generated by a distributed-net client.
Currently I added a burnK7 and a burnMMX to the load, I'll see if the
machine is still alive in the morning...

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