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SubjectPlaguing ATAPI Tape drive errors in kernel 2.4.x

I have been using a Seagate ST20000A (10GB/20GB) ATAPI tape drive since kernel

This tape drive worked flawlessly as an IDE tape drive in kernel 2.2.x (up to

When I upgraded to kernel 2.4.4, it failed as an IDE tape drive. It was
recommended to me that I use SCSI emulation to "fix" the problem. I did this and
although I got profuse SCSI errors on the console during tape operations, the
operations seemed to work anyway (perhaps the errors were non-fatal). I had
posted these errors with no replies or suggestions.

Now as I try kernel 2.4.9, nothing works. SCSI emulation no longer works. I get
a failure as soon as it attempts to write the tape. I have had to go back to
2.4.4 as a result. I did not attempt to go back and try IDE again on 2.4.9.

I scanned the mailing list archive and found one other person who seems to have
the same problem, but no solutions have been posted. Any ideas?

Mark Bratcher
Escape from Microsoft's proprietary tentacles: use Linux!
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