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Subject[OT] Announcement: new Linux-Audio-User mailing list
Hello everyone !

I'm happy to announce the newly created Linux-Audio-User (LAU)
mailing list.
It is intended to provide a forum for people using Linux for audio
editing, composition, MIDI sequencing etc.

Since the old Linux-Sound list has apparently gone into oblivion
when the machine died, some folks on the
Linux-Audio-Dev list felt that it might be time to start a new one
especially for users.

On LAU, we'd like to talk about:

* which application is best suited for a particular job
* how apps can be made to work together
* how to tune your system for low latency
* how to get the best audio quality out of your system
* sharing tips & tricks for audio editing/synthesis/recording, etc.
* how you use your linux box as a guitar FX rack/P.A. equalizer/
line delay/younameit
* record release announcements "made with Linux"
* announcements for new applications and/or updates
* streaming media
* audio encoding
* ....

We suggest not to post driver issues and very basic "my hardware
does not play sounds" questions. There is no better place for this
than alsa-user.

There are many different lists with audio subjects, but most are
project-specific or centered around one special tool (like the
Common Music or Csound lists).
LAU is intended to be a common exchange point for *all* audio users
(although it remains a good idea to follow the mailing list of your
favourite programs as well).

Another goal is being close to the application developers. Many
software authors and contributors to the Linux-Audio-Dev list lurk
on LAU, ready to listen to users' woes and wishes :)

For the subscription procedure, please visit .

This site also has a searchable list archive, news, infos and links
to many audio-related sites.

Thanks for your time,

yours sincerely

Jörn Nettingsmeier

[If you read other mailing lists or newsgroups that might be
interested in this announcement, please forward it.]

Jörn Nettingsmeier
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