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SubjectRe: AIC + RAID1 error? (was: Re: aic7xxx errors)
>I run a RAID5-Array on three SCSI-Disks, all IBM, all LVD on the
>AIC7xxx-Controller on the Mobo (ASUS-P2B-DS)...and from time to time
>(usually about once per week) always the same partition of the RAID5
>gets a readerror and falls out of the array:

This is a very different issue. The drive has even told you what is

>Sep 8 20:49:31 falcon kernel: SCSI disk error : host 0 channel 0 id 0
>lun 0 return code = 8000002
>Sep 8 20:49:31 falcon kernel: [valid=0] Info fld=0x0, Current sd08:04:
>sense key Hardware Error
>Sep 8 20:49:31 falcon kernel: Additional sense indicates Internal
>target failure

Something bad happened inside the disk. Perhaps IBM can tell you what,
but it is not the aic7xxx driver, SCSI layer, or md's fault for this
disk going offline.

>Ok, i also thought: "Bad disk" and to verify this (i have still
>guarantee on the drive) i formated it, let the AIC-BIOS do a "remap of
>bad blocks" and ran "badblocks" about 5 times on it with the

Target failures are not "media errors". If the drive was experiencing
a media problem, it would have said so.

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