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SubjectContribution of the linux kernel development
Dear all,

First thanks to Linus who start this wonderful OS and giving out for
free. I am from Hong Kong and I would like to contribute on linux kerenl
developments. I am a newbie to linux kernel hacking. I started on memory
management system as my company is developing a linux native hardware
platform which is a diskless computer. Now I am writing experimental
filesystems using the idea from Erez who wrote the FiST which is a
powerful stackable filesystem. I am now debuging the code from him to
make the filesystem working properly on a production system. My work is
to improve the reliability, performance and manageability of the
platform. That makes me dig in deep into the kernel recently. I
sucessfully ported the code for nfsswap from Justus Heine to kernel from
2.4.0 to 2.4.6 , up to know my system is running 2.4.4 . I also improve
the code a bit to improve some of the overheads and now it is running
fine on the system. But I notice that the sources from the kernel seems
want a future of nfs swap support, but there are not official code for
this at the moment. I have tested the nfsswap code for a couple of
months and reporting no errors at all even under extreme high loaded
ethernet. I would be happy to make myself contributing the kernel
development and supporting the work for nfsswap and FiST . I would like
to share the code with others. If this message is heard by the VFS
maintainer, please contact me. Thanks.


David Chow
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