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SubjectRe2: LOADLIN and 2.4 kernels
>> >Hi everyone,
>> >
>> >I got a bug report of LOADLIN not working with recent -ac kernels, and
>> >thought it might have something to do with my recent A20 changes that
>> >were added to -ac. However, in trying to reproduce this bug, I have
>> >been completely unable to boot *any* 2.4 kernel with LOADLIN-1.6,
>> > trying this from Win98 DOS mode.
>> >
>> >Anyone have any insight into this? I really don't understand how the
>> >A20 changes could affect LOADLIN, and it's starting to look to me that
>> >there is some other problem going on...
>> >
>> > -hpa
>> loads the 2.4.x kernel into a buffer. The kernel then attempts boot
>> just the "boot" sector stuff. This again probes for the total amount of
>> system ram (64MB). But, because of the much greater size of 2.4.x
>> kernels some memory location that himem uses (I think - maybe BIOS

>Sounds like something booting to Safe Mode Command Prompt Only would fix,
>as opposed to booting to plain command prompt mode
>command prompt mode will load some drivers (such as himem), better not to
>load them when using LOADLIN. Safe Mode Command Prompt Only boots
>straight to the command prompt, very similar to setting init to /bin/sh
>for a completely bare single-user mode.

Yes, indeed, not loading himem does solve the problem I had. But, do to the
fact that I need extented memory (for a DOS ramdisk) and for some TSR(s)
(like smartdrv) for a LS-120 boot disk I use as both a Linux and DOS "rescue"
disk, I need "himem".

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