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SubjectRe: Blocking v/s Non-blocking NFS (and iSCSI) file reads/writes.
>>>>> " " == Ben Greear <> writes:

> So, does select() work for NFS reads? (IE: I open a
> file-descriptor on an NFS mounted file system, and start
> reading. The network goes down. Will select() start not
> marking that file as read/write-able?)


> If I set the file descriptor to be O_NONBLOCK, will it return
> immediately if the network is down (regardless of what select
> told me)?


The NFS layer knows nothing at all about the network. It relies on the
RPC layer to handle all that for it. There are 2 ways in which it can
do this:
1) keep the NFS layer in the dark (using the 'hard' mount option)
2) pass an error back which then propagates back through NFS to the
user (the 'soft' mount option).

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