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SubjectRe1: LOADLIN and 2.4 kernels

>Hi everyone,
>I got a bug report of LOADLIN not working with recent -ac kernels, and
>thought it might have something to do with my recent A20 changes that
>were added to -ac. However, in trying to reproduce this bug, I have
>been completely unable to boot *any* 2.4 kernel with LOADLIN-1.6, trying
>this from Win98 DOS mode.
>Anyone have any insight into this? I really don't understand how the
>A20 changes could affect LOADLIN, and it's starting to look to me that
>there is some other problem going on...
> -hpa

You do not specify exactly what your problem is (error message, where, etc.)
so I am not sure I can help you or not. I had a problem with 2.2x kernels
booting but not any 2.4.x ones with loadlin but only when "initrd" (ramdisk
as "root" filesystem) was used. The symptom was the kernel would attempt to
load but a insuficient memory error (I think it said you must have at least
4MB) then it would hang. If you have this problem and if you exactly 64MB of
ram, then what seems to happen is loadlin probes for and finds the correct
amount of memory. Then it loads the 2.4.x kernel into a buffer. The kernel
then attempts boot just the "boot" sector stuff. This again probes for the
total amount of system ram (64MB). But, because of the much greater size of
2.4.x kernels some memory location that himem uses (I think - maybe BIOS
though) in relation to "memory size determination" gets over wiritten when
loadlin filed the "buffer". The only workaround I have found so far for this
is to pass on the loadlin command line the extra "boot param" of:
so that the kernel does not probe.

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