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SubjectRe: nfs is stupid ("getfh failed")
On 09/07/2001 08:58 -0400, Michael Rothwell wrote:
>> From: "Neil Brown" <>
>> > This is not allowed, and makes no sense.
>> It apparently is (or was, anyway) allowed, because it worked until the
>> server was rebooted. Fluke?
>> Are you saying that, if I export "/export", I can mount "/export/home" from
>> a client machine? That's nice.

Yes. At least that's how Solaris, Irix, HP/UX, and several others do it. The
general rule is something along the lines of "if /a is exported, anything that
is a subdirectory of /a is accessible via NFS, so long as it is on the same
device (partition - actually major/minor pair)". So, if /export/home in your
case lives in the same file system as /export, it is accessible via NFS
as well. Now if /export/home is it's own mount point (i.e. a separate file
system), then it needs to be exported explicitly.

>> > Simply remove the second line and your problems should go away.
>> Thanks. I actually switched to two explicit exports; /export/files and
>> /export/home, which works.

This works as well, with the caveat that you cannot then mount /export itself
on client machines.


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