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SubjectRe: MTD and Adapter ROMs
On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, David Woodhouse wrote:
> said:
>> Has anyone tried adapting any of the MTD code to allow read/write
>> access to adapter EEPROMs like the netboot ROM on some network cards
>> -- or more to the point, HPT adapter cards?
>Should be relatively simple if you just provide the appropriate 'map'
>driver to access the flash and set the Vpp line when asked.
>See drivers/mtd/maps/l440gx.c in my tree.
>There's also the code at
>which possibly ought to be merged with the MTD code.

Well, just having documentation on how all the spooge in drivers/mtd
actually goes together would go along way to helping people use it. The
flash chip is an SST 39SF010. It will appear somewhere in PCI memory
space once I reenable the adapter ROM. It is a JEDEC compilant device.
I have some code from SST for programming it, but I'd rather go the
general route instead of the one-shot flash-and-run module.

I was playing with the physmap driver but that kept oppsing the machine.
That was with 2.4.7 tho'.

I think it'll be as "simple" as adding the ID to jedec.c. Load chips/*,
maps/hpt-rom (doctored physmap to enable the rom and use it's location),
and then see if I can get mtdchar to drive the mess.


PS: Never use the PoS "load.exe" from HPT. It's apparently designed for a
4MHz 286. The delay loops are VERY wrong on any modern processor. A
PII 233 fails to properly write 10% of the bytes.

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