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SubjectRe: Linux Preemptive patch success 2.4.10-pre4 + lots of other patches
On September 7, 2001 06:45 am, Robert Love wrote:
> On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 00:36, Christoph Lameter wrote:
> > Given the minimal nature of the patch I would suggest that it become part
> > of 2.4.10 or 11
> Are you kidding? We will be lucky to see this in during 2.5.
> Its a pretty big change. It makes the Linux kernel preemptible.


> This is a fairly big move, one I don't think any of the major Unices have
> done.

The other Unices are at least evenly split, or mostly preemptible.
Typically, a more complex strategy is used where spinlocks can sleep
after a few spins. This patch is very conservative in that regard,
it basically just uses the structure we already have, SMP spinlocks.

> The only reason the patch is not _huge_ is because the Linux
> kernel is already setup for concurrency of this nature -- it does SMP.
> I suggest you read
> and my previous threads on this issue, for more informaiton.

Hmm, how did you read those and come to such a different conclusion?

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