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SubjectRe: [NFS] Spurious NFS ESTALE errors w/NFSv3 server, non-v3 client
On Thursday September 6, wrote:
> I belive this is new behavior in the latest (post-2.4.7 I
> believe) kernel NFS software:
> I have two machines, both running kernel 2.4.9, each of which
> act as both an NFS client and server to the other. I am using
> the kernel NFS daemon and am exporting ext2fs filesystems on a
> local switched LAN.
> One box, called tela, was configured with NFSv3 enabled for
> both the client and server code. The other box, hagrid, was
> not configured with any NFSv3 support enabled. I just neglected
> to enable this in the configuration, its was not for any
> particular reason.
> When I did large file reads on hagrid (the v2 client), I
> would get spurious ESTALE errors on files which are totally
> static and haven't been
> touched in months. Basically the filesystem contains a lot
> of audio files, and I was running md5 checksums on them from
> hagrid, while they were hosted on tela.

NFSv2 has a limit of 2Gigabytes per file. Are the files that you are
reading close to, or exceeding, this size?

However, I wouldn't expect an ESTALE for that reason.

Can you run "tcpdump -s 1024", the the response that contains the
error, and send the dozon or so lines around that?

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