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SubjectRe: what ever happened to fastpath routing?
On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Kain wrote:

> Sorry if I posted this twice.. Email for me has been screwed for most of Sep. 6 and some of Sep. 7.
> What ever happened to fastpath routing in the 2.4 Kernel? I still see the API
> there, but the only driver I see implementing it is dummy :(

I don't know why the support for fastrouting was removed from the
tulip-driver (the only real driver I think ever had it).

If you are interested in a tulip-driver that has excellent performance
(even without fastrouting) and has support for fastrouting take a look at

this driver can route over 200k pps _without_ fastrouting on a pII 350.
(this is obvious with more than two interfaces or with traffic in both

This driver is both irq-driven and polling, it polls at high loads.


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